Fall 2019 Prompts:
  1. Show a time, place, or moment when somewhere abroad felt like home. 

  2. Show a favorite meal or drink you had while abroad. 

  3. Show something you saw that intrigued you while abroad.

  4. Show something you never thought you'd see while abroad. 

*Please note, all prompts are OPTIONAL, feel free to use and alter them at your discretion! 

Submission Guidelines:

Prose: No more than 20 pages. 

Poetry: As you would like it printed. 

Photos: No selfies. Submit at highest quality possible (.jpegs only). 

Graphic Design and Art: Submit at highest quality possible. 


All submissions should be written in 12pt Times New Roman Font. Please include a cover letter with your name, year, genre and title of the work, and a short author bio. Mixed genre and experimental work is encouraged! All submissions should be sent to

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