"Flowing Through History"- Kyle Kern

Photography Winner 2019

Letter From the Editors

You are looking at a website that has traveled the world. Not physically, but the stories you’ll find have been crafted by insightful students exploring places that are not their own and finding new perspectives on places that are. Follow along as they delve into personal experiences and participate in a shared community of travelers.

Cultivate memories with Richard Berwind as he witnesses drying tobacco in Massachusetts. Explore the Devils’ Tower along a darkened skyline with Quinn Burkhart and her father during night hikes in Wyoming.

Stargaze with Amy Jarvis with friends in New Hampshire and witness the kaleidoscopic beauty of a land reborn in Germany. Reflect on history along the waters of Niagara Falls with Jordyn Taylor.

Share a pomegranate and a drink with Nikki Anderson as she walks the line between two worlds and drinks in a new culture in Greece. Join Alyssa Bower on a “street-corner throne” in Dublin and watch as her sister dances throughout Barcelona. Ride the S-Bahn around Germany with Aiyona Hayman where she works with immigrants and ponders on Ana Mendieta’s life.

We would like to take the time to extend a very special thank you to our talented photography contributors. Their artwork adds color and life to the publication through vivid snapshots of nature, culture, and everyday life.

Thanks to our reading board and copy editors, who helped to shape this magazine throughout the selection and editing process. Thank you to Madison Carr for her work designing the magnificent magazine you hold in your hands, Sarah Lopez for her wonderful public relations work, and to Kelsey McGuggart for crafting our website.

Thank you to Ms. Amanda Lenig and Dr. Laurence Roth for judging the pieces and for being our advisors throughout this process. We truly wouldn’t be anywhere without their help.


We would also like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors in the GO Office and the English and Creative Writing Department for their support and encouragement. Now, we invite you to turn the page and follow our contributors on a worldwide adventure. Let their stories and artwork act as your maps and markers on your journey.

Cheers to new adventures!

James Hoon, Editor
Abigail Hetrick, Assistant Editor

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